Commissioning - the start-up of a piece of equipment to ensure that proper operation within a designated environment is achieved. This includes the activation of alarm set points, bump test for sensor response and calibration for sensor accuracy.

Why Commission your gas detector?

Commissioning of your gas detector will have you up and running quickly while eliminating the need for you to reassign employees or search for specialized technicians and contractors to perform installation and troubleshooting procedures. Our commissioning services are available to you on-site for fixed-point monitoring, portable gas monitors, calibration and management systems. EnviroMed's expertly trained technologists ensure that your portable gas detectors are functioning correctly and your fixed systems are in proper operating order; we even provide the necessary training so that employees will never be left guessing about proper maintenance and instrument calibrations.

Our commissioning services are easily customized for your company's specific needs - giving you the flexibility to create a program that works with your employees, resources and budget. And, of course, you also have the option of adding other convenient maintenance, calibration, leasing and on-site services to your gas-detection program.

What is the value to your company?

Properly commissioned equipment ensures that you and your workers are protected from the very environment that is being monitored. Improper set-up could result in false readings, thus promoting a false sense of safety.