Training Overview

Product Trainingtraining

At EnviroMed Detection Services, we believe in providing more than just a product. For this reason, basic product training is provided on most equipment rented or sold, insuring that the operator of the equipment will know how to use it properly, effectively, and safely.

Client Product Training

For companies, large or small, that are purchasing and/or renting equipment, specialized product training classes are available at the client's site or the EnviroMed Training Facility. Courses are offered on-demand, offering clients the greatest flexibility in scheduling.

These classes are lead by our manufacturer-certified Product Trainers who will ensure that the operators of the equipment have the knowledge needed to safely optimize the effectiveness of the Life Safety Instruments. Courses are offered for various equipment and from a wide range of manufacturers.

Refresher Courses

As-needed specific product refresher courses are available to groups or individuals who would like further training on the upgraded and optional features of the equipment some time after the original training has been completed. This is an extremely wise exercise for anyone who has not used a particular piece of equipment for an extended period of time, or for all the equipment users that require recertification.

New Employee Training

With company turnover, job mobility and position changes, companies often find themselves with an employee or two who were not able to take part in the generalized Client Product Training. With our New Employee Training, our trainer will work one-on-one with that employee to ensure he or she is properly trained and brought up to the same level as other employees in the operation of a specified piece of equipment. This training service saves lost time on the job site and helps prevent costly and life threatening accidents caused by lack of product knowledge.

Training Overview

Introduction To Gas Detection / Operation & Maintenance of Specific Gas Detectors

Course Contents:

  1. History of Gas Detection
  2. Gas Induced Incidents Locally & Nationally
  3. Introduction to Gas Detection
  4. Sensor Cross Interference & Contamination
  5. ACGIH Guidelines verses NL OH & Regulations
  6. BREAK
  7. Dangers of Hot Work
  8. Features of the Specific Gas Detector
  9. Wearing & Operation of the Gas Detector
  10. Bump Testing & Calibration Techniques of the Detector
  11. Basic Maintenance of the Detector
  12. Questions & Answer Recap
  13. Quiz – passing grade of 75% required
  14. Certificates forwarded to client for successful students

Courses include:

  • all handouts recapping power point presentations
  • hands on use of instruments
  • bump testing and calibration techniques demonstrations
  • accessories usage demonstrations

Over the past couple of years the WHSCC has indicated a number of categories for needed instruction in providing safer work environments for the benefit of employee and employer alike. Some of these categories have taken priority over others in design implementation, but the intent has been to move forward with all categories. As a founding member and a past representative with the NLCSA and present member of the CSSE, EnviroMed is pleased to see the progress WHSCC is making and the positive effects these courses are having in providing families with the confidence that their loved one is being provided with a safe work environment.

EnviroMed principals have over thirty years of experience in the promotion, service, operation and training of a vast array of gas detection and ambient air monitoring instrumentation for various applications in the Oil, Mining, Construction and Process Industries in Atlantic Canada. This Course Breakdown is an effort to pass this experience on to others and provide a starting point for the possible use of the developed material into an approved WHSCC program in the future. Presently the WHSCC approved Confined Space Entry Program recommends a Gas Detector Operators course be taken in addition to the CSE Program.

EnviroMed's "Introduction To Gas Detection/Operation & Maintenance of Specific Gas Detectors" is offered on a per request basis at our ISO 9001:2008 Distributor Service & Training Center in Paradise or at the client site if required. The duration to complete the required material is approximately four hours at a cost of $500.00 which covers the first two students & a $150.00 additional cost for each additional participant.

If you have any further questions please contact Lee Parmiter at