Q: Does everyone react to Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the same way?

A: The harmful effects of the gas in the air are affected by exposure time and factors such as age, health and size. Many of us encounter CO regularly and never know it because it is invisible and odorless. That is why victims of CO poisoning often have no warning that they are in danger - until it is too late. Symptoms include headache, nausea, chronic fatigue, confusion, and dizziness. Extreme exposure can even cause a coma or death.

Q: What causes Carbon Monoxide (CO) and why is it dangerous?

A: Carbon Monoxide is a product of incomplete (poor) combustion. It is a direct and cumulative poison. When combined with blood hemoglobin, CO replaces oxygen in the blood until it completely overcomes the body. Death from CO occurs suddenly. The victim inhaling the toxic concentration of the gas becomes helpless before realizing that the danger exists.

Q: How much Carbon Monoxide (CO) is safe?

A: Toxic Gases are measured in ppm (parts per million). 1% volume = 10,000 ppm

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