The Canadian Partner of Martek Marine for Navgard BNWAS System

New IMO regulations, implemented through the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC), will soon require the carriage of a Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) on most ocean going vessels. New cargo ships over 150 gt and all new passenger ships of any size constructed after July 1, 2011 will have to be equipped with a BNWAS.

BNWAS Control Panel
BNWAS will be mandatory on existing ships within the next three years and implementation will be phased in by the first special survey date according to the following schedule:
All existing passenger ships and cargo vessel over 3000 gt by July 1, 2012.
All existing cargo ships over 500 gt by July 1, 2013.
All existing cargo ships over 150 gt by July 1, 2014.

BNWAS are designed to monitor bridge activity and detects any problems affecting officers on the bridge that could lead to an accident. The system monitors the awareness of the Officer of the Watch (OOW) and automatically alerts the Master or another qualified OOW if for any reason the OOW becomes incapable of performing his or her duties. This is carried out through a series of alarms and indicators. The BNWAS provides the OOW with a means of calling for assistance and is operational whenever the ship’s heading or track control system is engaged (unless it is inhibited by the Master).
Navgard, from EnviroMed, is a BNWAS specifically designed to comply with the new SOLAS regulations. Navgard comprises either a bulkhead or console-mounted control panel with a built-in onboard Passive Infra Red (PIR) movement detector offering a 10 m range. This system is modular and can accommodate any bridge system and layout with additional PIRs as needed, and/or manual resets inside the bridge and weatherproof versions for the bridge wings. The control mounted PIR is unique to the market.

Navgard will be the first BNWAS, to be fully type approved by all major classification societies. EnviroMed is offering non-movement sensors, manual reset, and manfacturer’s certified commissioning as part of its package. It can be quickly installed without the need for special tools or expertise. It comes complete with all cable, cable glands, screws and fixings, and can be installed “straight out of the box” without the need to order other materials. A single cable type is used to connect all detectors, reset buttons and alarms to the Navgard control panel and each alarm/reset device is installed on a single cable loop. The control and alarm panel is fully self-contained with no need for any additional interface modules, saving the vessel owner valuable space.

Battery back-up is standard with Navgard. An SD-card is incorporated to log all alarm event data in real time for a permanent record of bridge activity. RS485 serial communications is provided for connection to a VDR. The Navgard has a three-year warranty from date of certified installation and/or commissioning.

View Datasheet HERE.