When you’ve got your hands full in the field, you need hassle-free gas detection you can count on:  The BW Clip4 Multi-Gas Detector.


Game-Changing Multi-Gas Detection:  It’s On

The BW Clip4 continuously monitors for 4 gases with a unique low-power sensor, and alerts with a wide-angle flash as well as audible and vibrating alarms.


2-Year Continuous Runtime:  Always On

Once activated, it’s always on for 2 years – no charging, no battery or sensor replacements. Just replace it after 2 years with a new one.


Easy to Wear:  Clip On

Lightweight and out of the way, with a rugged design for the harshest environments.


Easy to Use:  Carry On

Single-button operation and an incredibly simple display mean the BW Clip4 is fast to learn and easy to use.


Easy on the Budget:  Game On

Reduced maintenance and minimal training mitigate the higher ownership costs of other multi-gas detectors.


The Honeywell Commitment to Quality

Guaranteed by a full 2-year service-life warranty and an extensive ecosystem of supporting technologies like the IntelliDoX instrument-management system.


When you clip on the BW Clip4 you know – it’s on


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