Bluetooth-enabled local display for SearchpointOptima Plus and SearchlineExcel gas detectors. Now you can reduce time and cost by managing maintenance from your smartphone — with at-a-glance assurance of your gas safety.

Ease of maintenance

OELD enables non-intrusive commissioning, configuration and maintenance from the palm of your hand. No hot works, no hassle.

- Simplified maintenance with familiar smartphone technology
- Hands-off interaction to reduce time and safety risk
- Easy access to hard-to reach detectors - Know before you go: pre empt maintenance issues

When you pair a smartphone with OELD, you can perform many tasks for your Searchpoint Optima Plus and Searchline Excel detectors wirelessly and from a convenient position. 

OELD: how it helps you

Local Indication
- means detectors that require attention can be identified quickly saving time
Local Display
- provides basic information that allow users to assess the environment without having to refer to the control system
Wireless Configuration
- time and possibility of errors significantly reduced through use of app and smart device
Easy Access
- no need to physically access the device through 10m usable range. Removes need for specialist access to detectors that may be located in difficult locations
- Access to diagnostic information using the app and smart phone allow issues to be identified early and the maintenance technician prepare
properly before going into the field.

Status At Glance

• Sensor is in normal condition
• 4 mA or above but below alarm set point
• Normal condition can be set off using mobile app
• Also displays‘check’ icon
• Sensor is in fault condition(flashing)
• Sensor is in inhibit condition (solid)
• Also displays the ‘wrench’ icon
• Pairing with a mobile device in progress (flashing)
• Connection established and detector in normal condition (solid)
• Display reverts to relevant colour for non-normal state

• Gas concentration above the set alarm threshold (flashing)
• Threshold can be set using mobile app
• 5% and 100% of FSD

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