IntelliDoX BW Clip Docking Station


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The IntelliDoX instrument management system combines smart docking modules with Fleet Manager II software to provide automated instrument management, helping drive productivity, reliability and efficiency. Place the detector in the docking module, and it automatically tests the gas detector and sensors while transferring data to the docking station.

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The IntelliDoX system is expandable to five docking modules helping you drive productivity, reliability and efficiency.
• Provides a new level of customization for bump testing, confi guration and record-keeping in a maintenance-free
• Configure alarm set points and change detector settings throughout the operation life of the BW Clip
• Quick and easy setup — great for turnarounds
• Each module has its own easy-to-read LCD screen and keypad for independent operation

Thanks to this design, you can perform different activities for multiple BW Clip detectors — all at the same time. Want to bump test detectors? Reconfigure settings on another group of detectors? Put others into hibernation? You can do all of these tasks concurrently, so you get more done in less time.

The IntelliDoX, via Fleet Manager II software, allows users to configure these settings for their BW Clip detectors:
• Display peak reading
• Time of peak reading
• Low alarm setpoint
• High alarm setpoint
• Real-time clock
• Display gas readings during alarm
• Bump test reminder
• Non-compliance indicator
• Manual zero sensor
• Activate hibernation

IntelliDoX Docking Module
Each IntelliDoX Docking Module package contains:
1. One module with a factory-installed nest for a compatible portable gas detector;
2. One printed Quick Reference Guide;
3. One CD containing the module Operator Manual and Quick Reference Guide in PDF format; and
4. One CD containing Fleet Manager II software, version 4.0 or higher.
The power supply and power cord, end plate, Ethernet cable, tubing, inlet filters and plugs, quick connect fittings, and miscellaneous other fittings are packaged separately as the IntelliDoX Enabler Kit. One Enabler Kit is required for each individual module or gang of up to 5 connected modules.


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