YESAIR 8-Channel IAQ Monitor


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The YESair is a sophisticated, multi-sensor air quality monitoring and information recording instrument.

Pump model c/w temperature & RH sensors, internal pump, capacity for 5 gas sensors

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Daily Rental Price 95
Weekly Rental Price 350
Monthly Rental Price 1000

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Key Features

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    8 sensor capacity
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    > 30 plug & play sensors available to choose from, including electrochemical, catalytic, infrared & PID
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    Multi-function, easy to use menu
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    Light weight, contoured & comfortable handheld device
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    LCD displays all sensors
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    Sampling with internal sample draw pump or by diffusion
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    High capacity data logging with built-in SD flash card
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    Data logging software available
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    RoHS compliant circuit boards
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    CE certified

YESAIR offers more features, flexibility and functionality than any other IAQ instrument on the market today with multi-channel operation, more than 30 different plug and play sensors to select from, including a particulate sensor, huge capacity data logging to SD flash card and much more.  

Featuring an eight channel sensor capacity including RH and temperature, YESAIR can handle up to five additional internal plug & play sensors consisting of a maximum of three electrochemical toxic gas or oxygen sensors plus two high current draw sensors such as an infrared, PID or catalytic, and a remote YESDUST particulate sensor.

Positive sampling with internal pump ensures good representative samples are taken from all target areas or with diffusion for a quick, direct reading. Eight sensors are viewed live on the multi-line, backlit, LCD display as well as battery and data logging status.

The optional YES Logger package consists of a 2 GB SD flash card, USB cable, YES Viewer software, and SD flash card reader. The SD flash card reader stores the data and can be transferred. Alternatively, data could be downloaded through the instrument using a standard USB connection. The YES Viewer PC software will allow users to analyze and graph data.

Please call one of our knowledgeable sales staff for sensor configuration and accessories.

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