AirChek XR5000


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Discover the perfect combination of features and power in this compact, lightweight pump that gets the job done. The AirChek® XR5000 Personal Sample Pump with Li-Ion battery provides powerful flows for particulate sampling, low flows for gas and vapor sampling, and the long run-times for low-concentration sampling. Standard Li-Ion battery price.

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Daily Rental Price 32.5
Weekly Rental Price 97.5
Monthly Rental Price 292.5

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AirChek XR5000
5 to 5000 ml/min

    • Extended flow range: 5 to 5000 ml/min
      • Suitable for low flow gas/vapor or high flow particulate sampling
      • Optional low flow tube holder (low flow adapter kit Cat. No. 210-500) used with CPC allows up to four tube samples to be taken simultaneously, each at different flow rates if desired. 

    • Extended back pressure capabilities
      • Up to 50 inches of water at 2 L/min

    • Enhanced battery power for extended run times*
      XR5000 Model
      2 L/min
      5 L/min
      High-power Li-Ion
      40 hours
      22 hours
      Standard Li-Ion
      20 hours
      11 hours
      * Results of run time tests using 37-mm, 0.8-µm MCE filters with new pumps and batteries. Pump and battery performance may vary.
    • For extended run times, the pump may be operated while attached to the charger

  • 2 interchangeable battery options
  • High-power Li-Ion for extended runs
  • Standard Li-Ion for lighter weight

    • Patented** highly accurate isothermal flow control system
    • Compensates with ± 5% accuracy

  • UL Listed for intrinsic safety

  • Automatic flow correction for changes in temperature provides accurate air volumes

  • Extremely simple operation

  • Easy-to-use three-button keypad
  • Continuous run with the push of a button
  • Bright blue pump status LED
  • Easy-to-read LCD displays elapsed time and accumulated run time

  • Set-and-go timer
  • Timed and delayed runs up to 9999 minutes

  • Sample Integrity
  • Lockable keypad
  • Automatic flow fault
  • Auto-restart attempted after 15 seconds in flow fault
  • Flow correction for changes in temperature
  • Accumulated run time display
  • Battery status indicator 

  • Standard model weighs only 16 ounces (454 grams)
  • RoHS compliant

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