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The EAGLE 2 available features include a PID sensor for detecting high or low ppm levels (0-50 & 0-2,000) of VOC gases. Gases available: CH4, O2, CO, H2S, NH3, AsH3, ClO2, F2, HF, HCl, HCN, O3, NO, PH3, SiH4, SO2, iC4H10. EnviroMed provides only certified, tested and fully warrantied instruments.

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The EAGLE 2 includes % volume capability for CH4 and H2 using a TC (thermal conductivity) sensor; PPM or LEL hydrocarbon detection at the push of a button; infrared sensors for CO2 (ppm or % volume), methane or hydrocarbons in LEL and % volume ranges; methane elimination feature for environmental applications; and a variety of super toxic gases. The EAGLE 2 has a strong internal pump with a low flow auto pump shut off and alarm, which can draw samples from up to 125 feet.


Monitor up to 6 different gases including PID
Powerful long-life pump up to 125’ range
Low flow pump shut off and alarm
Methane elimination for environmental use
Alkaline 18 hours or NiMH 20 hours capability
Datalogging standard
Autocalibration / single gas calibration
Internal hydrophobic dust filter
External probe with hydrophobic filter
Ergonomic RFI / EMI / chemical / weather
Resistant enclosure
•Intrinsically safe design, CSA approval

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