ConneXt Pack

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Your EnviroMed team can help build a ConneXt Pack kit with MultiRAE, QRAE 3, ToxiRAE Pro monitors and an EchoView Host to meet your unique safety requirements.

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With ConneXt Pack, pre-configured wireless gas monitors report hazardous gas information and man down alarms to a remote host controller. Using the wireless handheld EchoView Host controller, an attendant can monitor workers’ gas detectors in real time, become instantly notified of any hazards and, in the event of a man down, send immediate rescue. This entry-level wireless solution also reduces workers’ stress, giving them peace of mind that when every second counts, someone is monitoring their safety.

ConneXt Pack - Confined Space is a turn-key, application-focused combination of wireless portable monitors and an EchoView Host portable controller. It is compatible with a wide range of Honeywell portable wireless detectors, including single- and multi-gas personal monitors. 


Up to 8 wireless detectors
Real time readings transmitted to handheld host device
Man down alarms
Real time hazard information reported back to the attendant
Respond faster - information at your fingertips to respond quicker to man down or gas hazard exposure
Reduce worker stress
Scale up to ConneXt Plus or ConneXt Pro when needed
Applications include: Utility tunnels, fluid storage tanks, boilers, septic tanks and electrical vaults