Model WL400 - Water Level Sensor

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The WL400 Water Level Sensor provides highly accurate water level measurement for a wide variety of applications, including those in severe environments. 

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The submersible pressure transducers have a dynamic temperature compensation system, enabling high accuracy measurements over a wide temperature range. The water level sensor is easily adapted to all dataloggers, telemetry, monitoring equipment, and displays.


Completely submersible pressure transducer and cable
Compact, rugged design for easy installation
Minimal maintenance and care
Water level sensor compatible with most monitoring equipment
4-20mA output
Vented cable for automatic barometric compensation
Multiple level ranges available from 3' to 500'
Wet-wet water level sensor eliminates vent tube concerns
Dynamic temperature compensation system
Submersible pressure transducer not affected by foam, wind, or rain
Monitors levels in groundwater wells, rivers, streams, tanks, lift stations and open channels